Sunday, May 07, 2006


(BTW, NEW BABY PICS, TOO --------------->)
Right here on my desk, I have a cobalt vase with a bouquet of budding lilacs from the trees north of the house.
Yes, of course I took pictures, but I wish I could send the smell as well! There's something so primal about the first spring whiff of lilacs, hm? To bury your face in the blossoms there on the tree and inhale deeply

...mmmm sweet, huh?

For even more delicate color, check out the Virginia Bluebells.
They show up only for a few days in the early spring, then the plant seems to disappear for the rest of the year. The color always makes me smile.

A rusty toy truck in my north flowerbed, just for goofiness. Remember the name of the bright pink flower next to it?

Happy spring, BTW!


  1. Anonymous5:46 AM

    Now that you're a florist again, shouldn't this blog be updated more frequently? I mean, I understood why you were slacking off while selling furniture. But now you're back in the biz. Don't you have some moral obligation or something?

    I had a floral/gardening question but I forgot what it was. Do you know? If so, please reply.


  2. Yes, P.T., an annual is a plant that lasts one season.
    A perennial, however, lasts many years, just like this question.

  3. Anonymous2:09 PM

    That wasn't the question. But thanks anyhow. I finally got the annual/perennial distinction when you sent that quote about a perennial being a plant that, had it lived, would have come back every year. Anctually, given my level of gardening, it sort of explained why I could never keep the two kinds of plants straight.

    Oh - now I remember the question. There's a kind of bushy plant that is a slow starter in the spring. It hasn't started getting green yet. Do you know when it will? It's near the corner of the house if that helps any.

    Also, in case anyone asks, magnolias are alot more grateful than fuschias. I helped my magnolia bloom and it did beautifully. Fuschias were never appreciative. Just so you know in case anyone asks.

    Happy to hep - PT


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