Monday, July 17, 2006

Pondemonium 06 is history...

Have you ever considered what it would take to build a pond or waterfall in your yard?

Well, let me tell you,

Beyond a pump, liner and skimmer, you need ROCKS--say, 5 tons of nice big boulders, and another few tons of smaller rocks and pebbles--and you need to dig a hole. We had 65 people in that yard (it was Build-a-Pond Day), but you really need only about five good strong hydrated folks, and you'll be done in a day.

Why YES, I did take nice of you to ask!

This is how the pond is laid out--with the garden hose. You play with it and decide how you'd like to see it from the house, and where the waterfall should go. Then, the outline is traced on the grass with a can of orange florescent spray paint (!) and you start digging.

Of course, you need to dig deep--the boulders fill lotsa space and need to be stacked carefully around the edges, propped by the medium stones and filled with pebbles, but only once you've laid in a thick underlayer and a liner.

By lunch, you should be filling the new pond with'll be cloudy because of all the rock dust, but that settles out or gets caught by the filters, don't worry.

After lunch, you build the waterfall...if you started at six in the morning, by 3 the waterfall could be running.

Umm, this was about 2 PM.

Ahhh, the pump's turned on and the first spill of water is a thrill, promise!

Of course, I forgot to get a long shot of the finished pond, but trust me, it was magnificent!

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