Monday, September 04, 2006

Certain people have been bugging me about updating here...what can I say? It's no longer a florist blog, so I feel "untrue" about keeping the name.

On the other hand, daud says it isn't my problem that web crawlers cherry pick or that I'm listed when someone Googles "rubrum lily". (Hi, rubrum lovers! Thanks for clicking Ephemeral Florist...feel free to scroll around, but be aware that it's more of a 'grandaughter' and 'landscaping' blog these days...the 'florist' stuff is PRE-October

On the third hand, it's neat to know that both of you CARE whether I blog or not. I could write this stuff in an e-mail, and one cc would suffice, but then, what would late night insomniac random ("Click for next blog") surfers do when they need to sleep?

So, OKAY. You haven't exactly said you LOVE this drivel, but I guess that you want it is good

We're having a "Fall Fiesta" at SS next Saturday--the kick-off to a "rest of the season" sale featuring buy-two-get-one-free trees, and twofer shrubs and perennials...(what doesn't sell has to be overwintered), as well as half price fountains, pots, garden tools, etc. AND, there'll be seminars on
Putting Your Pond To Bed For The Winter and Landscaping with Icecicles...(kidding!)

So, this weekend, I made a scarecrow for my displays, and a few crows to go with him.
Wanna see?

(My sister helped with the crows, which you'll have to imagine, so she gets her picture here.)

xoxo to you all!


  1. Anonymous10:27 PM


    What about rubrum lilies?


  2. Anonymous5:49 PM

    that PT anonymous is certainly beyond brassy half way to bitter.....making direct and brash comments. WHY are we supposed to imagine crows when you have at least two done or you have been slacking off? well, anyway, go figure.

  3. Yay, my Mumma has come back to the blogosphere!


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