Sunday, September 10, 2006

There's even caramel in my hair

The last three days have been BUSY here in EF Headquarters-land.

Thursday morning, we drove down to Rochester, Mn for a 2 day trade show. The idea was to place orders for a good part of our merchandise mix for next season, and MAN, it was fun! On Thursday, we scoped the place out, getting an idea of what was offered and picking up brochures...then back to the hotel to decide.
In the morning, we had a stack of vendors to visit, place the order, and get on to the next vendor. OMG, that was so cool!
"We need two of of these...a case of have a deal on three cases? Hmm, ok--three. And how do these come? Lots of six? Ok, six of these, these, these and these..." LOL...see?

The ONLY problem with being three hours from home was that Saturday was the opening day of our Fall Sale, and MUCH needed to be done yet. The crew really tried, but with regular customer traffic (PLUS those wanting a pre-sale deal), it's difficult to get merchandise marked and displays set up.

We made it back by about 4:30 on Friday, and dug right Set up corn shocks on the lawn to cover that bare spot where a big pot signs a cord to the table for the caramel heater and check if the apple corer would actually work there...get the bobcat and haul out pallets of bagged potting soil and bales for display and seating...then go home and rest up for the craziness tomorrow!

Whew. Saturday morning, I drove out to Collegeville Orchards to pick up the Paula Red apples--three bushels--when Curtis called to ask that I bring my coffee grinder, too. As he would say, "Done and done!" lol

It was a PERFECT day! Cold and sunny, with wind from the north...geese flying over...the rustle of dried corn, smell of straw and fresh air, and the nearby farmers' last cutting of caramel out front, and inside, rich fresh-ground coffee. Mmmm!

When I opened the gates at 7:55, there were six or seven cars waiting to get in, and it stayed that way all day....! A parade of cheery people delighted to be outside for a reason. I really believe that EVERY customer yesterday bought most bought more than that!

Oh, yes! I DID get pictures...don't worry. Dar, the apple server, took lots between chopping apples and pumping hot caramel. Thanks, Dar!
But of course, blogger/my computer isn't cooperating this click these....



BTW....the caramel in my hair? I have no idea HOW it got there, but now I know why that wasp liked me so much!

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