Tuesday, June 03, 2008

More baby pics...ok?

LOL...I forgot to show you her eyes! How amazing the world must be to a newborn, huh?

Leggies just like her mom had...long and skinny :^) LOL!


  1. Anonymous6:48 AM

    She is so totally Lemony!! Of course, as I said to the lovely Lemony, I didn't know the lovely Scott as a baby so I can't tell if she looks like him. I also note from the "long skinny legs" picture that she has a nice shaped head (obiously inherited from her GA Noona) amd will look nice in earrings when she grows up. I would have commented on Sunday's pictures but I didn't want baby Fina's entrance to the world to be marked by controversy - no matter what GA Phoophayne says. So there.

    Love youse all munch -

    GA Noona

  2. Raineth11:40 PM

    Ooof, this is what happens when life goes faster than my sneakers--I kinda missed a bit, here! Belated Congratulations, Grammy!


    Patsy's Daughter


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