Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's a good thing....

...I never changed Ephemeral Florist to Phurtive Photographer. Both names still apply, I suppose, but no longer in a professional way.

Another career change here as of this morning--I'll be working closer to home, in fact about a 20 mile radius from my house. I'll be joining Noob and Cookie and Mog as an in-home caregiver, although this'll be much less It's an elder-care service to help with light housekeeping and companionship, and there's NO schlepping equipment or doing sales! YAY!

Training starts on Wednesday--in Waite Park--FOUR miles from here!

I really did enjoy the drives to obscure towns and churches all over the midwest--I saw a lot of countryside I wouldn't have seen otherwise, and even got some genealogy done along the way (Dyersville, Iowa, fer instance). It was fun to see how we'd fit inside a tiny church with low ceilings and figure out how to make it work with a 12 square-foot backdrop....but I see now that I'm NOT cut out for sales.

The people I met were so cool, especially the bunch in the tiniest towns (Page, North Dakota, I'm talkin' about YOU!) and I found I can make just about ANYBODY smile, at least for the one second it takes to click the

Hmm...wonder what I coulda done with THIS man?

LOL...I'll keep you updated!

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  1. Anonymous7:35 AM

    Yah - so how's the new career going then?

    Love - PT


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