Friday, October 10, 2008


Remember how, when we were kids, a "funny" mans' name was "Ignatz"? Like when dad was teasing a kid, or we were naming a puppy--"What do YOU think we should call him, daddy?"--the answer was usually "Ignatz"...and we'd all

Imagine my surprise, then to find not one, but TWO more Ignaz Heschs in Southern Bohemia in the 1800s. Larry found them in a village south of Oberschlagles and Schamers--Zinolten. The birth was recorded this way:

12 December 1854
Zinolten #4


Catholic, Male, Legitimate

Father:"Ignaz Hesch, huber (farmer) son of Franz Hesch, esalngasnd (?) in Oberschlagles #11, and Agnes born Blaschko of Schamers #26"
Mother:"Franziska daughter of --- Ambrosch, (frn..?) in Zinolten #4 and Anna born Stiedl in Zinolten # 27"

Albert Maihr (?) in Zinolten #28 and Franziska Schinka of Zinolten #1"

Midwife Franziska Neuba***


  1. Just think, little Mason could have been Little Ignatz......too bad we didn't think of that one.

  2. Anonymous3:23 AM

    When I see (or hear) the name Ignatz I think of this :
    which was an early cartoon and comic strip wherein it seemed someone was always getting a brick lobbed at their head in the last frame.
    Aren't there Popps related to you somehow'n? Well, there you go then. I betcha Iggy Pop is kin.
    Feel the pride, don't fight it.

    (The aforementioned) Larry

  3. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Didn't Whoopee Johnny Cash record a song about this? I seem to recall a ditty called "A Boy Named Ignatz" that started of something like:

    My dad left Bohemia when I was three
    He didn't take much, just ma and me
    We left my guitar and a couple of alley cats
    Now don't get mad because we ran and hid
    Get mad at what my parents did
    Before we left, they went and named me Ignatz

    But you know, my memory on this might be hazy.

    El Arah Arah


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