Sunday, October 26, 2008

Translatin' for you

I have recently (like yesterday) figured out how to create a pdf file.

I know, I's high on YOUR 'gotta learn' list too, but once again, Bird's ahead of the curve!

The scoffers and slackers among you might possibly be saying "Yah well, who needs pdf files anyway?" and "What are they good for?"

WELL! Lemme show you! THIS file should show you translated entries for all eleven Hesch kids we found in the church books in Bohemia.

NOTE: When you click the link, you'll get the pdf on a service called Scribd--but what you WANT is that pdf to open with Adobe Acrobat--so click the "download" button, and then click Adobe Acrobat pdf.

You'll need to use the "Counterclockwise" button once the Acrobat pdf opens--I can't do EVERYTHING!!

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  1. Anonymous6:33 AM

    They had two sons named Ignutz? Didn't that get confusing? And I don't gots a counterclockwise button. Can't we be related to some straight up people?



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