Thursday, October 21, 2004

Burgandy and Orange

My precious daughter is getting married in July, 05 and has chosen bright orange for her bridesmaids dresses. Yes, I know. This from the daughter who wore black for most of her high school and college career. And now, she says orange has 'always' been her favorite color. Who knew?

As the florist & mother of the bride, my mind went immediately to possibilities: brights? shades? mixtures? contrast? (Whew, orange?!)

And, of course, she has opinions about this, too. Somewhere along the line, she discovered the burgandy/orange/tan combination and loves it.

Well, with all the new shades of fresh flowers these days, I've been experimenting in the shop with fresh and with silk.
Black Baccara roses and orange lilys.
Burgandy gerberas and orange roses.
Peach and dark red hypericum in a tiny vase with a few tannish-peachy sweethearts.
(Viburnum appeals to me, and queen-ann's-lace, and kermit mums, too. Add them to the mix!)
A really rusty leonidas rose, a velvet merlot and an orange, burgandy hypericum and a little dusty blue limonium with a few kermits...oh, my....I've lost the color scheme!
This ought to be a really exciting year for me.....son called a few weeks ago and said he's getting married in May!
(Think I can beg off for Mother's Day week?)

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