Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Time to make grapevine wreaths....

Here in Minnesota, the woods are full of wild grapes. (Northern kudzu, more or less). And NOW is when a day in the woods is most rewarding--it's cool, the bugs are mostly gone and the air is refreshing, the fallen leaves are crunchy underfoot and rose-hips glow red in the underbrush. Wow...check that dried 'roadsideia'!

AND there's nothing like free wreaths, huh?

I watch for grapes all summer as I drive around the area. Ask the land-owner if it's ok, of course....they're always happy to have the vines 'thinned'.
Wait til the leaves are off the trees, wear jeans and take your red-handled pruner. (You don't want to spend your time searching the ground).

You'll recognize the bark and me on that. Look around the base of trees, and you'll see a slim trunk growing up into the canopy. Cut the vine at the base, and slip the pruner into your butt-pocket. Now, grab the vine and'll be amazed how much comes down! Pull it to the nearest clearing and, starting with the end you cut, make a circle and hold it while you continue wrapping the length around the circle. When you've used up about half of the length, hold the main part between your legs (jeans, remember?), and start winding the last part from the outside into the center, around and around. No wire or string is needed...just tuck the ends between the vines.
Cool, huh? Now, go make another one!

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