Wednesday, October 20, 2004

On being a florist....

Here we are, going into the holidays, my favorite time of the year.
Pine, artificial or fresh, makes an arrangement easier to do, and better looking, I think.
Glitter--well, I DO love glitter. Give me something that sparkles, anytime!!

I'd like this blog to be a place for florists to share ideas or pick up new ones. The design magazines are always a good place for info, but sometimes clarification is needed, and most florists seem to be able to describe things pretty well. (If only I could use my hands, here!)

I worked in a Mom & Pop setting for 30 years (at the same shop--through four owners) and now I'm working in a full-service grocery store setting.
The differences are amazing! At the little shop, it seemed like we always had time to fiddle with projects--paint effects? Cut-outs? Layering leaves? Sure, no problem! But now, we do things the fastest way, for the best effect. Flowers are forgiving, and fill in where you don't have time to fill, right?
In the little shop, we worked from a sense of scarcity. (50 stems has to do, so don't waste ANY). In a corporate setting, now, we work from a sense of overwhelming abundance. Where once I counted EVERY insertion, now the "look" is more important...what we call a $25 arrangement would have been a $37 arrangement in the little shop. No wonder there's so much animosity toward grocery store florals.

OK, I'm rambling here...but I'd really like to hear from other florists "in the trenches"...techniques, new product, what's worked for you. Oh, and what you think about as you design!

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