Friday, February 04, 2005

"Birdie, the guy loved granite..."

Yesterday, a man stopped in to order an arrangement for his brother's funeral. He had a very broad idea of what he wanted:
"Make it woodsy...use some granite in it 'cuz we always looked for rocks together...can you do it as a wreath maybe? Oh, there needs to be a bowl in it, too...artificial, I think, so his wife can keep it..."

I LOVE this kind of challenge!

Here's what I put together last night as the base of the piece:
A half brick of John Henry on a marble tile, with broken pieces of granite covering two sides of the foam. (Central Minnesota has massive granite deposits, BTW).
Then, to simulate a 'pile of rocks', I used broken chunks glued in a stack on the back corner.
The customer wanted something that looked like a dog's dish, too, so the little metal bowl is perfect, I think.
Wanna see some pictures? lol....scroll down:

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