Saturday, February 05, 2005

February Flowers

Ha. Looking around for abedcedarian flowers to tell you about this month, I found something more interesting...

I can hear you gasp:
"What? She just started alphabetical listing last month! It was such a wonderful idea, too. I've been waiting for February for a whole....month. Sacre can she abandon it this soon??!"

Calm down.
Remember, this is MY blog.

And we're NOT abandoning the idea...just a lil detour, mon cher.
As good as suspense is for your soul, I won't make you wait any longer.
Here's the February topic:

Flowers from Monet's garden.
Say.....'magnifique', eh?

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  1. Anonymous9:24 PM

    Say.....'magnifique', eh?

    Say.... cabin fever, eh? My God, early February and she's this far gone already. What will March bring? I cringe in fear and constipation.


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