Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Red, burgandy, orange and green

One suggestion for measuring designer productivity is to add up all the arrangements made by the designer each day. This doesn't work in a shop because designers are also phone-answerers and order-takers and hand-holders while getting flowers into vases and out the door.

However, the method DOES work for a day like today, when I was designing silk flowers at Central for all eight hours....my total for today was about $1450.00 retail...26 pieces, the most expensive of which was $276.00
I did one set of six, one set of five, one of three, and twelve spring 'shelf fillers' in small enamel watering cans.

The set of six is in Daud's wedding colors, and here are the containers, ready to go:

(I'm hoping my sibs can see the CD over there on the right...playing that helped!)
OK, here's the set all finished.

I started with reds and oranges, and the designs looked fallish until I added the chartruse. Wow! One small color adds all the freshness, hm?
(I know you appreciate the 'drape' behind those arrangements...it's a tissue and plastic tablecloth from the store, and the only other color available was purple. Just trying to spiff up my act...lol)

Yes, YES...of COURSE I took pictures of the other sets! Be patient, please.

Evidently, our 'buyer' decided that I was lacking white flowers to use in designs. If you go look at silk designs in a shop, you'll see that white is rarely used. It's blah and looks 'negative' against almost any color scheme. BUT, I now have white silk flowers to work with. Yippee.

(This on top of the plethora of silk water lilies I already have...gah! Check these out:

....and NO, they don't float.)

Ok, that was a digression--back to the topic of white flowers:
I don't HATE these designs:

Obviously, the spring green helps tremendously, and compliments the dark pink.
I've almost used up my stash of chartruse, too:

Two pieces of the set of five in pink, green, white and purples.
Yeah, I know. I had to drape the tablecloth over boxes...deal.
The other three pieces wouldn't fit into that configuration of "display space"...so you'll just have to imagine the others, ok?

I'm pleased with what I made today. Now, if I just had a bit more room to put the finished stuff!

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