Saturday, February 26, 2005

Wedding Bouquets for the 2/27 show

Have I mentioned lately how MUCH I love my digital camera? It was a birthday present from J and E last summer, and at the time, I actually wondered if I'd ever use it!

See, for years, I thought I didn't care about pictures, that recording moments of my life only skewed the memory of an event. I'd have a film developed months later and find that someone blinked, or the sun glared, or everyone looked posed...duh.

These days, I take the camera along everywhere I go because there might be something to show you--a snowy road, my big toe, a sunrise, the backyard (again!) and even flowers....(we'll do the toe some other time, ok?)

Round bouquets are "in" these days. Here, my favorites: Daud's colors (if not the flowers she wants), a springy pink, yellow and white bouquet, and a hand-tied clutch of pink ranunculus, roses and tulips.

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This is part of a bouquet C made out of white spray roses, small roses and huge roses...DO click this picture! It's a close-up of all the colors in white roses. Wow, huh?
(Hmmm, I don't know why it won't enlarge. Still, look at those subtle shades...cream, pink, blue, green and lavender. Beautiful!)

S loves this shape. She grabbed the bells-of-Ireland first, so SHE got to make this bouquet. (A little 'insider' humor...tee-hee) more: The Unity Candle arrangement, by C.

Pink and lavender roses, heather, genistra, with sprengeri and flat fern for greens. I love the way it cascades, don't you?

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