Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's March first--already!?

Last night, I finally got rid of my internet dial-up service. I now have high-speed wireless, and I'm getting used to things actually loading quickly!

My dilemma is that now I don't need my home phone for anything. In the past 6 months or so, it's recorded endless automatic telemarketing calls, but that's about it. Anybody who knows me knows my cel number and calls there first. (The phone's "always busy", as I'm on-line if I'm home).

Cancelling my phone will save money, too. Right now, it's an expensive billing service for my cel and internet providers...so why does it feel like this is a big step?

lol...oh dear! If you need me...call my cel phone!

OK, now. About March first--whaddya think? Are we done with Monet?

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