Friday, March 04, 2005


Well, I've done it.
If you call the phone number listed in the book after my name, you'll get a recording saying my phone's been disconnected...(ewww!) and that "calls are being taken by..." my cel phone.

I took the wall phone down and put it in the basement, where it joins the other detritus of my life...the coffee maker without a pot, the unfinished art and sewing projects, the broken lamps I intend to rewire someday, the Guindon datebook from 1983, the box of stuff from the last house we lived in that's never been unpacked. (We moved here in 1985!)
It's a graveyard down there, I tell ya!
Or, a... Trashcan
OK...on to today's edition of (Wheat-weeoo!)


Sometimes, I get inspiration from something other than flowers--like these statues for instance:

They're serene resin angels that lend themselves to elegant gardeny settings. We sell these mostly for funerals. Here are individual close-ups:
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I love 'em!

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