Sunday, April 17, 2005

Another Woebegon Trail Ride...with pictures!

My bike ridin' buddy ran a half-marathon yesterday, so I did the trail alone today. We usually talk the whole way, but the gnats would have kept that to a minimum this time anyway.

Yeah, spitting them out IS kinda fun.

Remember the picture with the snow still piled along the trail? Here's the same place now:

And since I'm obviously into "series" pictures for your vicarious viewing pleasure, here's the latest 83.5 Mile Marker Photo:

It's a little greener out there now....and NO SNOW is a good thing, too.
(The track behind the marker is the parallel snowmobile trail...)

Here's where a little trestle crosses Millstream Creek, first looking south...

...and then looking north.

Millstream must have been a powerful river once, but now it meanders all over the floodplain, coiling back on itself every few feet through a swampy frog-breeding, redwing blackbird hosting lowland. It S'WONDERFUL!

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    I know you'll enjoy that!


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