Monday, April 18, 2005

Plant some flowers!

LOL...A friend sent me flower seeds this morning to make Ephemeral Florist bloom, but YOU have to do the work, ok? It'll only take a little clicking....
...(in fact, that's how I wanted the blog to look from the start Afro )

Have a blooming day, and Thank You!


  1. Anonymous6:35 PM

    MUCH better than the wasp and stings version! Very pretty, i didn't see that there was a way to plant seeds i thought it was just automatic. But, in reality if it was automatic it would h ave turned out weeds, notflowers, right?
    OH, heres your site WASP-ized:

  2. Ooo, the wasp version gives me the creeps...those red welts look WAAAY too real!

    I do LOVE the flowers--you were right about that...
    (Mmm, I'd never get weeds from you, I know...)

    Thank you


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