Thursday, May 12, 2005

As ready as I'll ever be

Oh, man, the flowers turned out BEAUTIFULLY...the cake top is done and CUTER by far than the one on ebay. I'm mostly I have three different lists going, too: one for the suitcase, one for floral tools, and one for "other stuff that needs remembering".

Yes, I took pictures of the bouquets and the cake topper, but I can't share them here or I'll spoil the surprise, right? You'll have to wait til Sunday...

This is the oddest May in years here in Minnesota. The desktop weather icon says 39 degrees right now. It's been raining all day, with brisk winds. I went out tonight to cut lilacs. They were mostly above my head ya know? So there I was, with water from the sky AND water from the lilacs pouring down my neck, jacket drenched, laughing like a fool, and whispering thanks to the trees for sharing their bounty.

We're decorating the reception hall tomorrow, doing flower arrangements for the tables, and getting to know each other...B's mom and relatives/friends...some of my family and friends...we'll see who shows
'Anon' will bring the sheet cakes she spent this week baking and frosting, plus the big cake that's styrofoam. (What a strange "tradition" that is, huh?)
Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner tomorrow appointment in the morning...fam pictures at at 2:30.....WHEW.

Ok....I'll TRY to be here on Sunday! LOL!

Bride & Groom

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