Sunday, May 15, 2005

My son's wedding

Parents, as a rule, wonder if their kids will turn out ok...will they be worthwhile adults? Will they know and do the right thing? Will they contribute to the world in some way and still be loving and gracious and kind? Will they be able to make others feel at ease, and be able to laugh at themselves? Will they have learned all that you tried to teach?

And then, a day like yesterday comes along....a celebration of stunningly, perfectly joyful, pure sweet love, and you realize that they did hear you...and that your own love for them is being passed along in the best way possible.

It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL wedding in every way.

Outside, it was rainy and cold, but inside it was warm and wonderful from the first minute. J&B were about the most gracious hosts you can imagine, and their love for each other and all of us was touching. J walked his favorite Mom down the aisle, and hugged me tight at my pew. Have you ever seen a mom melt with love for her child? lol...that was me, all day!

J&B with family and bridesmaids at the rehearsal...

B&J laughing and in love at the rehearsal dinner.

EVERY minute held some new delight....if J or B weren't saying something sweet, then some relative or friend was telling me how special they thought J&B was absolutely WONDERFUL, I tell ya!

Couple 2 Stay tuned....more pictures to come, of course! lol

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