Friday, May 27, 2005

Blogging like a Florist--#2

For a blog with a small but loyal following, "one comment doth encouragement make"...
Lets hope you haven't created a monster,

How to arrange flowers

Have you noticed that if someone is dressed professionally, we believe they ARE? (White lab coat and stethoscope; dark blue uniform with badge; the SUIT, carrying a, see?)

And, we give people behind the counter skills and abilities that aren't necessarily better than yours.
(Well, yeah, the burgandy smock does imply amazing things...
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but that's just

What I'm getting at here is: Just because I'M a professional florist doesn't mean that YOU can't arrange flowers.

There are some very simple maxims here.
1. Place the blossoms above the greens.
2. Have enough flowers to fill the vase.
3. Start with the tallest flower and work down.
4. Don't be afraid of color.
5. When you're relatively happy with the thing, walk away. Leave it...and go mow the lawn, or clip your toenails, or read a blog.
When you come back, you'll glance at the flowers you've arranged as though somebody else arranged them. YOU WILL LOVE the me.

Piece'o'cake, right?



  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    You ALWAYS say that about arranging flowers. You are still wrong.

    Love - P. Anon

    PS - Nice picture, though.

  2. Thanks, P.
    I always say that, and YOU never listen.

    Did you LOOK at the centerpieces at the wedding? They were odd mixtures of purple flowers with no "design" involved, but they were arranged by 'the florist', so everybody thought they were fine.

    At one point, I had 16 'finished' vases sitting on the bar, and I was out of flowers. I thought, "messy, messy" and went to the restroom.
    When I came back, the looked, SEE?
    It even works for


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