Monday, May 09, 2005


Picture me sitting in the truck in front of the post office growling at the holding power of duct tape on bubble wrap. See the light bulb above my head when I remember that I have my florist jack-knife in my! zip! Hear me laughing two blocks away when I actually hold Homer and Marge in my hands...gawd they're cute, huh?

Ok, the first coat of black paint is on Homer's suit--I'm using Gram's brushes, because Son will appreciate that I did...

Marge is shy about being painted, ok? You'll have to wait for more pictures--maybe tomorrow night.

Um. Stay tuned!

Wedding Cake

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  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I'm SOOO glad you got them. Picture me sitting in Minneapolis sweating because I'm afraid they're lost in the mail. I'm glad you're using Grammie's brushes. I knew she'd be there one way or the other :^)

    See you soon - Anonymous

    PS - The LOLs are creeping up again. Work on it, OK?

    PPS - My creeping phlox aren't. They just sit in one place. Do you think this is the basis for a lawsuit? Please send me the address of the Phlox Council.


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