Monday, May 30, 2005

A 'good' homeowner would be out mowing right now...

LOL...oh WELL!

It was actually sunny this morning for the VA Memorial Day Band Concert and Salute to Veterans. The ceremony is always touching because there have been so many lives lost to the foolishness that is war....but today especially because it's the last time my friend R will be playing this gig.

They're moving to Florida this summer, but he might still be around to play the 4th of July Fireworks Concert (maximum Sousa--Oooo, I'm in heaven! lol)
(He's the one with the black cap, second from the left).

After the concert, I joined the traffic on 94 to Minneapolis, to finalize the flower plan for E ans S's wedding in late July. Brats on the grill and talk about flowers, outside on a lovely day. My life is GOOD.
Here's the happy couple in their garden out back...
(yes, their lawn IS mowed).

Sweet, huh?

I'm not used to dealing with wedding flowers that won't be out of water all day. The ceremony is at 7 PM Saturday, followed by dinner and dancing.
I won't NEED to take that Friday off, but I will

OK, one more picture:

And yes, she's just as beautiful inside, too.
My sweet Em.

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