Sunday, May 29, 2005

Graduation anxiety

Ah, Spring. Time for rites of passage, like graduations.
And, the Adult corollary:
"What can I possibly get that kid for a graduation present???!!!"

I always want it to be something significant, something that connects us somehow, ya know? Something only I can give, ideally, but I'll even stoop to tired so it's memorable.
(Can you tell I have a graduation party to go to tonight?)

This particular kid and I have a few goofy Christmases in common, an association through his parents, an interview about being a florist, and not alot of contact otherwise. (What teenager wants to hang with his parent's friends?)
He's quiet around me, unless he's

So, I think about what gifts I've received that were cool or lasting or memorable...what did I get for MY graduation?
LOL...we're talking 1967 now, remember.
Mom and Dad gave me a "17 jewel Bulova" that I lost within 2 months...and of course cards with money, which I spent within ONE month. THE only other thing I remember is a huge beach towel from Aunt Rosie and Uncle Eddie. I used it often and wrapped my kids in it after baths years later, and thought about them fondly every time.

In 1967, a beach towel was cool, even if it was a terry-cloth American flag.
In 2005.......?
I bought the kid a keyboard for his college computer.
So much for significance, huh?

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