Saturday, May 07, 2005

Good morning, I think...

Whew...what a LONG day yesterday was. 8AM to 10:30 PM....and three people left early ("a house full of guests" or "my other job"...we all understood that these were just excuses to get out of there.)

Then--WAA!--my net connection wasn't working. This morning, I finally moved the broadband receiver in front of the

Ever work with a bunch of stressed women? We take everything so personally, and when we're not reacting, we're thinking about it. Ohmigawd. And if you've ever done anything for 14 hours straight, you know it gets OLD at about six...
Ok, that's enough whining. Looking out my office window this morning, I see my newest peony bush is about a foot high already--that gray and white world from a month ago is all green now. The window's open, birds are singing morning songs, I hear windchimes, I'm drinking fresh hot coffee and feeling cool air, and next week I'll have time OFF for son's wedding....ahhhhh, life IS good!

Have a wonderful day, ok? and do lots of DIFFERENT things today, just for me. lol

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