Thursday, May 05, 2005

Red Green

Yeah, he's been around awhile, but I've just discovered without the boob tube...) This little quote made sense to me, so I've copied it, but the rest of the articles are actually funny...

(From one called 'Gambling Man:)

"Looking back over my life and the lives of my friends, I have to say that choice is largely overrated.
The things that have worked out for me are the things over which I had no control. Like the value of my house or the woman I married. Whereas when I got to express my free will and actually made choices, things didn't go so well. I'm talking about the Beatle haircut and the Speedo.
I think, for most of us, there's a kind of destiny that guides our lives, and it's futile to fight that. It's like making plans for the weekend before checking with your wife.
They say people succeed by making the right choices in their lives, but I disagree.
I think people succeed by adapting to the choices that have been made for them.
I do understand, though, that people feel stifled without choices. So life unfolds in such a way that we think we're making choices even though we're not. In fact, our entire election system is based on that principle".

Goofy humor makes me happy, ok?


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  4. ...yeah, and what a waste of perfectly GOOD jelly beans, too.
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  5. oh YES I like! well, except for the yellow
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