Monday, May 16, 2005

Oh, yeah...the FLOWERS!

The flowers for the wedding--in the back of my truck on Friday morning. The cool weather made the truck into the perfect

Three of the bridesmaids with four of the bouquets. I used 12 different flowers (or colors of them) in B's bouquet, and then just one or two in each bridesmaid's bouquet. So, one was all purple alstromeria, one was all irises, one was roses and tulips, one was purple lisianthus and statice and the fifth was light and dark purple stock. It was a beautiful effect!

My New daughter with my First daughter...
Aren't they lovely?

Oh, yeah, the can see how the bouquets compliment each other, right? They lasted all day, too. I worried a little about the staying power of the spring flowers--tulips and iris especially, and the green viburnum--but they were all still lovely on Sunday morning!
The only flowers that wilted were the lilacs I used in the flowergirl's even they waited till the reception to wilt. Besides, 5 year olds just can't care about flowers...and she was SO much cuter than the flowers anyway. It was perfect!

Ok,'s how the caketopper turned out--and YES, there's duct tape underneath!

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