Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Blogging like a Florist--#3 this schtick getting old, or are you just getting used to it?'s how to make

A wreath for the flowergirl's head

We're doing a wedding this weekend in purples and hot pinks. There are three flowergirls, ages 4, 5, and 6. They're carrying baskets of theme flowers, and we're combining silk hydrangea with fresh flowers, because fresh hydrangea wilts like crazy.
Today, I made three crowns for them to wear...using silk hydrangea, baronia and viburnum, with fresh blue limonium.
Wanna see?? lol

Most heads are 22-23" around, so a piece of 18" (#22 gauge) wire isn't long enough. Here are my three overlapped wires (in green tape) and sample wires to show you how about how much to overlap 'em.

Starting at one end, I alternated limonium, hydrangea, limonium, baronia, limonium, viburnum...wash, rinse, repeat.

Make sure you don't leave too much space between additions, as the curved shape later will emphasize spaces.

Before you know it, you'll have 15" then, the finished end of the wire will be wobbly when you twist it to tape it. I couldn't take a picture of this I'll have to describe the process, ok?
Cut a few 6" chunks of tape and have them handy. Now, lean over and tape the additions on by swinging the finished end downward in the air...get it?
You know the hand motion when you make circles with a sparkler? Imagine the finished end is the sparkler--a damn BIG sparkler--so it would revolve as you made circles in the air, right?
SO: one hand 'revolves' and the other tapes.

Here's how to tie it off: Make sure there's no empty space there unless you want a fluffy bow to finish it......

This is the under-side view.
(I'm using eighth inch satin ribbon with streamers, so I'm not leaving any space for it. It'll tuck in right over the junction there...see?) Tie the bow on, and you're FINISHED!

Awww....three sweet little crowns!

CUTE, huh?

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