Sunday, June 05, 2005

The joy of gardening NOT what you think, for me anyway.

Here's the flowerbed I need to plant today. I went to the little greenhouse at my FavStore and bought the flowers for it--light green nicotana, and two shades of purple petunias. I had purple heilotrope in my hand, and set it back down when I saw the marigolds...damn..I can't resist marigolds. Arrgghh. Did I stick to nice yellow ones? Nope. Yellow, orange, red and gold--to really mess up my "color scheme".
SOMEDAY I'll be able to steel myself and stick to a theme, but until
(The round flowerbed in the background is FULL of red glads, which will mess with any color scheme anyway).
So, what am I waiting for?
It's blasphemy to my sun-loving friends, but I'm waiting for the clouds. It's WAY too sunny right

The JOY of gardening for me is getting it done so I can sit by the fan!

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