Sunday, June 05, 2005

Ahh, sittin' by the fan...

Sometimes things happen in a magical way:
Today is a "swift moving clouds" day, so I was able to wait for shade to plant. There was even a little breeze, so I only sweat the normal amount (dripping off my nose and blinding me).
As I stuffed the last baby plant in it's hole, it began to rain a sweet 'new plants' rain.
And, since then, it's done the rain/sunshine cycle TWICE

BTW, the plants that were already in the flowerbed are three patches of dragon's blood sedum, a few phlox plants, and a second year peony that I think is white. Or red.
(No doubt I'll post a

Ok, here it is, random plant-placing and all.
Oh, and only the new blossoms on the nicotana are green. The label does say "white"--in my NEXT life, I'll pay attention to details, ok?

More magic! These are growing on the south side of the square, right above "2005" in the first, huh?

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