Saturday, June 25, 2005

Leisurely Vacation Blogging

First, a parade in my home town last night (for the sibs, that's 6th Ave and 2nd Street North...I know, weird, huh? But it works)
Here's the SR Band leading the parade:

And this is their dancin' in the street number...thank gawd WE only had to

See the two women on the far right (white shirts?) The color guard/dance line zoomed past them and traded their rifles for flags at least six times while we watched--and I thought 'guiding right' and carrying a drum was exhausting! Those girls ran most of the parade...whew!

THIS one's for Newb---she'll know
(I know, baby powder would never work on those plumes!)

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  1. I still get goose bumps when I see a drum corps. Just love 'em.

    Red's been done a lot cuz it's good! Front doors should be inviting. Maybe a dark red.


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