Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My "lovely" lawn

Surprise! Tonight there will be NO bitching about the verdant expanse that is my yard. It poured here this morning, so everything is well watered and basking in h-u-m-i-d-i-t-y, lovely tropical greenhouse-like steaminess.
My toes are again a cheerful green. The sweat is drying nicely, thank you.
In a few minutes, my face will be less red, too. The shower will feel mah-h-h-velous...lol

Too bad I left the camera at work, because there are lotsa new marvels out there, like the tiny mushrooms on the wood under the edge of the ferns; my second crop of irises are blooming (shades of blue with a little yellow in each blossom); there's a bush-like plant that I got from a neighbor that's blooming too--pink pointy clusters of flowers on top; and oh man, the lupines are starting! They're lavendar-y buds that open to blue, and elegant leaves that are stunning with drops of water on them (no trouble there lately!) The flowers I planted on Sunday are all happy and look fine 'cuz the weeds haven't had time to grow, yet.

Tomorrow: A picture of pink peonies in bloom!


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