Friday, June 03, 2005


Your patience is a wonderful thing.
There you were, ALLLLLL day, waiting to see the department without stuff.
At the crack of dawn, 12 whole hours ago, I set up the NEED in you to watch this space...prompting you to use your imagination:
"I bet the space is really much smaller than it looks..."
"Do the green stripes REALLY run through under those amazing displays?"
"Wonder what it looks like without a thousand balloons?"
"Will there be a new display at the front---featuring a bride maybe?"
"Will Birdie find time to make a few stunning bouquets, if there is a bride?"

Ahhh, see why I keep you around? You ask all the right questions, just when I need to establish a point for this post!

OK, you've earned's the floral department at 6:30 this morning:

It's a grocery store remember, so product was in shopping carts ALL over the rest of the store. It took one helluva lotta walking just to retrieve them.

Here's the view from the other end of the department once we got it re-set. Blinding floor, huh?

You were RIGHT about the wedding theme!
(The story behind the dress is pretty interesting:
The store has a dry-cleaning service, and a bride brought her dress in to be cleaned, but then she heard how much it would cost. She told them to keep the dress, that she wasn't about to spend the additional money! Sooo, we got a dress for our wedding

Here's a close-up of the "mum sale" contest D is entering.
Nope, the correlation escapes me, if you click the picture, you'll see the silk wedding bouquets I DID have time to make today.
The large white and green one on the right was intended for the 'bride' to hold, but it would have landed her bodice-first in those mums.

And before you ask---YES, grapes.

BTW, thanks for waiting!

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