Saturday, June 04, 2005

What's important to me

Ok, say you saw this picture in a magazine, you might think, "Someone washed her gardening gloves and bothered to take a picture of 'em??"

Then you might think, "Well, they must get used alot--they certainly aren't clean...", and you'd probably turn the page.

But if, on the next page, you saw this picture, you might think, "Wow, it must have been a SLOW news month--who cares about a row of gloves??" lol

Still, you could make some assumptions about this gardener, couldn't you:
--She gardens alot...see the background?
--She wants to protect her hands, I guess.
--But it could be last years' dirt.
--Maybe she doesn't bother to wash those gloves very often.
--Maybe that's why she has so many?
--The flowerbeds behind the gloves could just be perennials...and she took the picture 'cuz they happen to be neat looking right this minute.
--Maybe she leaves gardening gloves on the line ALL summer?
--Well, she may have finally planted those glads, and realized that all the gloves were dirty and washed 'em. Simple.
("Good grief!" you think, " WHY am I still ON this page??!")

But then, on the next page, you see this and you want to cancel your subscription, probably.

(My first thought is that there's WAY too much slack in that clothesline...but then I see the round thing from Mexico and the birdhouse and the fern-fairy and.....I wonder if this person has travelled? Decorating outside walls is fun, and that stuff looks cool...I'd like to see more, but the next page has an article about aphids...gah!)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
My mother often said, "What will the neighbors think?"
I believe that I don't care what they think, but it's ingrained. Yes, I DO order my life around other people's possible perceptions, because I judge them, too.
Do we all do that? Is it something human that makes us toe the mark?
OR, in fact, do other people even notice the things we think they'll notice?
What is it about me that wonders about my gloves on the washline?
Do other people CARE? YOU??

No conclusions here.
It's a rainy Saturday in prime gardening season in Minnesota, and I'm wishing I had my bedding plants bought and IN

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