Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Vacation yard

I went outside just now and took 8 quick snapshots. I was bitten 5 times by mosquitoes. 3 died for their sins. 2 will create more mosquitoes with my blood.
I know.
The incredible things we Minnesotans will do for our art!

Ok, remember this? Blooming cherry trees back in April...

...and here they are today, at the end of June.
The robins feast all day, and it's a treat to be here to see them.

Hey, I really LIKE the close-up button on my camera...Deal.

Ya gotta click this picture. It's one of the scabiosa buds I posted a while ago. It's beautiful and it's not even open yet.
Yes, yeeesss.
It's an 'artsy fartsy' shot.
So to save myself the embarassment of you thinking that about me, here it is with it's 'home-boys'...clover, quack grass and a baby elm tree.

Yes, I could start weeding...but why?

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