Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"Well, yeah, it did look like rain..."

or Why You Should Probably Wait for a NICE Day To Paint Your Front Door

Still, maybe that dribble effect looks artsy? Hmm?


  1. Couldn't really see any dribbles in the pain but I thought the color was great. Seems like the vines are beginning to encroach again. What are they...bewitched?

  2. OK now I saw them way down at the bottom of the door. Well... you consider it distressed or give it another coat. Approach is everything!

  3. Nope, lol...they're grapes.

    I just love the arbor effect over the door, but then you know me and shade.

    You probably need to click the picture to see the mess on the lower left corner, tho.
    (You do realize that you can click on any of the pictures to enlarge 'em, right?)

  4. Anonymous9:35 PM

    I clicked. I saw. I snickered.

    It would have been better in lavender. We ARE sisters, you know.


    PS - See you soon at the Daud's wedding. Of course, without pictures I'll just have to hope I remember what she looks like. Sigh... I hope I don't wind up at the wrong wedding. And all because of a lack of pictures. Sigh.

  5. There's something so....insincere about all that sighing, Newb.
    You just saw her last month...she'll probably still be recognizable, too.

    (But just in case, here's a hint:....she'll be the one in the bride's dress).
    Pictures WILL be posted sometime in July, most likely BEFORE the wedding...check back often, ok? lol


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