Sunday, July 17, 2005

I can't believe it!

This spring and early summer, Minnesota was stuck in a weather pattern that gave us rain almost every day. Yes, it was comfortably cool, and stuff was growing even without alot of warmth or sunshine, and I was happy.

Then, on the day R&D left the rain stopped, and the weather they love started. It's been 90 or over every day since then. Argh.

Ugly, ugly weather. The only good thing is the lawn--it's brown and NOT growing.

Our first relief has been tonight--after another scorcher, it's actually 74 right now. The windows are open and there's an occasional coolish breeze...
Ok, I'm happy again!
(It seems like most of the other blogs I read post pictures of their cats or dogs when there's little to blog about. So, see? a post about the weather is GOOD!)

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  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    You posted on JULY 17. It's now July 20 and the DD is getting married in 3 days. (BTW, I saw E&S yesterday for dinner. The Saturday thing is still on.) Don't you think it's time to update the blog? Maybe a some new pictures of the daud? Of the fam in general? Of the ancestors? I'm just trying to help because you seem to have difficulty finding something to post about. I'm in a helping profession. I can't help it.

    See you soon - love - A. Non


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