Thursday, July 21, 2005

Finished wedding flowers

Awww...the flowers for Daud's wedding turned out beautifully. They're bright, elegant, and not at all fussy. I think she'll LOVE them....and there are a whole bunch more flowers to do centerpieces with tomorrow!

Nope, no pictures yet, but you'll see them soon enough--check back Sunday night, ok?

Something interesting: I have tiny individual lights--battery powered--that stay lit under water. (I've never tried them before--they're something new in the industry). I'll take them along and see if daud wants to use 'em in the centerpieces.
Why, you ask? Do they carry out the theme or something? lol...not really, but they're unusual and kinda fun. Besides, if you can't experiment at your own daughter's wedding......... Winky ...(don't worry, E, if you don't love 'em we won't use 'em,

Have a great weekend, and send us happy thoughts on Saturday night, ok?

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  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Well? It's Sunday night.


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