Sunday, August 28, 2005

Cute Minnesota Wildlife

Chipmunks, for instance.

(This picture comes from a website I 'googled', in case you're interested.)

Yesterday, I mowed around the corner of the propane tank...and I guess the excavation began after I'd graciously cleared the site.
By evening, a LOT of gravel was already piled up. From my office, I could watch him* burrow--lol, it's really cool to see. Such quick little kicks, and the dirt literally flew!
(No problem--at least he didn't choose the middle of the yard.)
*Who really cares if it's a him or a her?

Ha! I just took this picture through the screen:

(Click to enlarge)
Ya see him?

So, I went back in the house to "post about it " Open Mouth

As I sat down at the computer, I heard (What's that???) rapid bump! bump! bumps...ON the house. Oh, oh...MORE wildlife for YOU!!

LOL...must be young woodpeckers, 'cuz they (THEY!) let me get pretty close:
 I need to do some hole filling on the house. I found at least 6 small caverns on the east and south sides...damn.

How cute is all that wildlife NOW, Birdie, huh?

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  1. Ya know, just 'cause Anon told you not to post anything interesting while she was in Italy doesn't mean that you get to take a two-week vacation. . .

    School starts next week-- see you Thursday after 7:30, okay?



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