Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm asking you

Is this honestly better...

then this? LOL...yes, I'm done mowing for this week, and you missed the pre-mow whining!


(Counting your blessings?)

Because of the position of my apple tree (too much shade), I only get apples every other year, so I forgot about this again till today:

Mowing is a GREAT way to peel apples!!



  1. Hi Birdie-haven't cheked in in a while. Hope your summer is going well.
    ahh the joys of Glitter in the summer- it itches like nothing else! Our grass was fried to until this week when Katrina came though now its green again but the trees really took a beating. Actually living in the shop cause there is no power on yet at home! The wonders of summer in florida!

  2. Hi, Lorrie! lol...we Minnesotans "wonder" why anyone would live there year 'round... my friends who moved to Florida this summer are really discovering what "humid" means!!
    (And it's a good thing your shop already has a coffee pot and microwave, huh? lol)
    As you see in the pictures of my yard, we've had a dry few weeks lately, too.
    But, it's 65 here right now, and sunny--a perfect day. I'm re-potting houseplants and think I'll "do the trail" later.
    Good to see you and to know that you're ok!


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