Friday, August 19, 2005

A few delightful things

The first in an ongoing series of "Favorite Delightful Things"

YES, I started Christmas designing last week. What a great feeling it is to actually start early for a change! Looking back in the archives, I see I started Christmas on the 29th of October last year. That's WAAAY too late!

You there, with your hand raised!

"Okay...but don't you think...I mean, isn't AUGUST a little, um, ya know, early??!?"

(Fav thing #1--Q&A sessions!)
August, as a month, sucks. It's hot and usually dry. No sane person goes outside unless it's on the way to an air conditioned vehicle (to go somewhere else that's even cooler). What ELSE is there to do but crank the Christmas CD's and design for the holidays? Besides, that means I get to play with Delightful Thing #2:

(Click this picture for sure!)


Did I mention I LOVE glitter? Yup, I do. I think it came from the Magpie side of the family.

(Delightful Thing #3 is that wonderful feeling you get as you crawl back into bed after a 4AM bathroom break--AHHHHHhhhhhh! mmm, snork, snork, snort)

Delightful Thing #4--stuff like this, out back, when I got home tonight.

I suppose you think my Delightful Thing #5 would be my readers, right?
(Hmm, let's see....I have nine fairly regular readers, five of whom are related to me...four who comment once in awhile... two who stop by here more than once a week, and a bunch still looking for 'Daud'.....but yeah, you delight me...big time! LOL)


Ok, what delights YOU?

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