Monday, August 22, 2005


Yesterday, I saw a tree full of migrating Monarch butterflies...AND I had my camera handy. Wow, how often does that happen, huh?
There were many more than show in these pictures, tucked into the leaves and turned away from the photo-op. Poor things had no idea they could have been immortalized at Ephemeral Florist!

Be sure to click these pictures for a larger view.


  1. How beautiful!

    Do you remember the time that we saw all the monarchs in the oak tree by Nemeth's house (on the field road)? That was a magical moment in my childhood.


  2. I'd forgotten about that! Wow, that makes THREE times in my life I've seen a migration (first time was when I was pregnant with your brother...fall of 1971)
    Each time, there were small flocks of them flying around the area...magical is the perfect word :^)
    Thanks for reminding me.

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