Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bwak, Bwak........BWaaaaaaK!

(I dare ya to say that out loud!...lol)

Ok, chickens, especially roosters, are icons of Fall, right?

Who knew?

I have a box of these 3" prickly pine candle rings to use up. It's like working with the bristles of a wire brush, but they add some green between fall leaves.


  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    I like the arrangement in the second picture better. Less chicken-y donja know.

    And I am not being deliberately obtuse. It just comes naturally. It's a gift.

    Love - A. Non

    PS - Can I have your olive oil if you don't want it? Will you bring it down here so you can see my new house? And do some decorative painting in the kitchen? Denks - I knew you'd say yes.

  2. Hey Birdie, those chinkens sure are "interesting"...and you have three cases of them to do! Wow!
    Love that big silver wreath though, we are here in south florida and I am just getting to the Halloween /thanskgiving stuff, just to hot to think of Christmas yet even though FTD and TEleflora have shipped in all the containers already. We need to finish out the worst of hurricane season before I get out the tinsel!


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