Tuesday, September 13, 2005

September means.......?

If you answered "Christmas" to that, or "glitter", you're probably a fellow florist. If you said, "...cooler weather, so it's time to get the glitter and start Christmas!" OR "Hmm, better have the shop's snowblower serviced soon"...then you're a normal nutso MINNESOTA florist!

Here's part of my stockpile so far. It's a basement room under the liquor store, and while it's in the same building, it's far, FAR away from where I make them.
Yes, florists need exercise. Not to worry, I'm getting mine!

I like this picture. It's a wreath I made for a local charity ball, and it's nice, but the fun part is what it's hanging on. LOL...I understand it belonged to the corporate big guy when he was a teenager. Hey, that pedal was the only place there was!

Ok, back to fall for awhile....

Pumpkins with glitter! Cool, huh?

I know.

Too bad it's mostly covered up with flowers...lol

BTW, these pumpkins are made of dyed cornhusk over styro forms, and they're sold with liners, as though you could do fresh arrangements in them.
Problem is, they water spot and the color runs....not a good thing in the shop or on your dinner table, but GREAT for me! LOL

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