Sunday, September 11, 2005

Working myself out of a job

For those of you following my adventures in full time silk designing, I estimate I'm about 70% through that mountain of silk flowers.

Since July 11th, I've made over a thousand arrangements for the stores in our chain, many of them for Christmas (so they're still at Central). Most of the Fall designs are already in the stores though, so I'm actually seeing empty shelves in my work area.

It's interesting how MANY ways you can use silver, gold or cream poinsettias, and how startling they look with red I've asked our main stores to plan for a display at Christmas in those (non)colors, and I've done the big silver Holly Ball wreath (an annual charity donation) already, too. (My camera batteries were dead on Friday, so I couldn't take any pictures...I'll do that tomorrow, ok? lol)

What I'd really like to do in the future is stay with this company. Ideally, I'd like to keep Central, but on a much smaller and more reasonable scale.
We'll see what happens.
You'll be the first to know!

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