Wednesday, January 11, 2006


If you're here, you sorta consider yourself a "creative person", right? Not necessarily a creative floral person, but someone with an interest in making something cool, whatever it is.

I'm curious: are there times when you're bursting with the need to create, and then other times when you couldn't care less?

When I worked in the little flower shop, my daily contact with flowers and silks and paint and dried stuff wasn't enough for me, so I did crafts in the evenings--salt clay, cornhusk dolls, sewing, grapevine wreaths, drying flowers, and eventually polymer clay beads and wall hangings and...cats.

Every one of them sold well at shops and craft sales and music fests, but it was the pleasure of making things that really thrilled me: the idea that I could come up with a better material to use for a body for the dolls, or figure out how to make my own tools for the clay, ya know? And that other people liked what I made even more than I did! It was disgustingly satisfying.

Then, I went to work at the big shop. I had 10 times as much to play with there, and 20 times as many customers to buy it. That was pretty satisfying, too.
But eight hours a day of Creativity stripped my 'evening craft urge' completely away.
My last projects from 6 years ago have been gathering dust downstairs all this time.

But ya know what? The creative urge is BACK!
It's been bubbling up in me for weeks, trying to get my attention
Shock 5
....and I finally (finally!) noticed only

Why not haul it up here to my office and start again?
AND, why not put together a website to sell what I make?

YES I'll need to make a trip to the northshore as soon as possible this spring....(hooray!)....anybody wanna go with me?

BTW, here's what I'll be making more of:

(No glitter yet, but some DO


  1. Anonymous8:48 AM

    You go girl!! BTW - I'll go to the north shore with you. Will you pick me up?

    Love - A. Non

  2. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Only a lady/girl/broad/babe/chick/woman would say You Go girl...and now let the creativity begin...

  3. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Aha! I still have a glow-in-the-dark kitty that you made, from (what seems to be) a long while ago. I cherish it.

    I'm ALWAYS good for a run to the north shore!

    ~Patsy's Daughter~


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