Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Have you noticed this?

Once in awhile, there's a smell or taste or music that's so evocative, one that reminds me so much of something that I'm lost for a few seconds, shot back to another time in my life...

For me, the smell of broom straw...bean soup cooking...sawdust...a hot attic...fresh gas and cigarette smoke....crayons...marigolds...dry firewood..new doll plastic....fresh tar on the street....take me to 434, the first house I remember living in.

The taste of anise and boiled eggs and dried apricots are primal for me (not to mention the memory of cod liver oil. I can conjure that bitterness in the back of my throat right now...ack.) I haven't eaten Cheerios in years, but that's a childhood flavor, too, with as much sugar as I could sneak into the bowl...lol

Last night, I had a 50's radio station on on the computer. It would have been the music that Mom listened to on WCCO radio when I was a preschooler.
No specific memory came back except for the image of the curtains in the living room at 434...a cross between these two, sorta:

Yup, huge open flowers on burgandy...the music did THAT?? lol

Then, this morning, I was checking my favorite blogs, and I clicked on this link from the Presurfer blog:

"Marla Olmstead is an abstract painter......Marla enjoys reading, cooking and gymnastics but is at her most joyful and expressive before the canvas.

Marla Olmstead is 5 years old".

Now THAT music is a more recent and has much sweeter memories!


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