Monday, January 23, 2006


So, I'm making KittyRocks alot lately Way To Go . I keep the computer "radio" on for entertainment and Yahoo IM for 'just in case'...but I make myself get outside every day, even for a short time, ya know?

Daud'll be here tomorrow night (this semester it's Tuesday nights) and Wednesday I'll run down to Son's house to see if he can fix my camera. (He thinks it probably needs cleaning. I hope he's

(Quick update: It really pays to have a son who's a skilled engineer. He took it apart and now it works just fine. THANK YOU, J! xoxo)

What's the question, then? Well, it's a series of them, actually:

  • Do you have Yahoo Instant Messenger installed on your computer?
  • Do you like to play Scrabble?
  • Would you consider playing the Yahoo version ocassionally with a person with clay on her hands and glitter on her mind?
  • (What's a blog for if ya can't ask for something like this, huh?)

(I haven't played Literati since Christmas day, and I'm having withdrawal VERY favorite partner seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, so if you don't mind being second best, let me know, ok? My e-mail address is over there, under my picture.....)


(Another quick note: FavPartner IM'd yesterday, and beat me....again Ignoring You ! It's ok....I'll win next time, maybe. lol)


  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    What picture? Where? There used to be a picture of you but not anymore - or at least not today.

  2. Anonymous9:15 AM

    reach out and touch someone...or whatever...


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