Sunday, January 15, 2006

I need your opinion, ok?

I have the first new crop of KittyRocks ready to glaze, and I'm debating this in my head:
I've always signed the bottom of each one with my initials, adding a star if it glows in the dark. Then, I've added the 95 or 96. 'Course now they'd say, does that make the ones I have in the garage "old stock" or just "vintage"? lol...does 95 strike you as a "collectable", or just ancient history?
I NEED feedback here, ok?


  1. This opinion comes from my best friend:
    Leave the date off.

    That's one.

  2. Anonymous1:11 AM

    I'd call them "collectibles."

    I like having the date on them, myself. :) If not a date, how about a letter to represent a series?

    ~Patsy's Daughter~

  3. Anonymous6:40 AM

    I could go either way mysef.

    Tally so far:
    date off - 1
    date on - 1
    either - 1

    Glad to help.

    Love - A. Non

    BTW, you have a lovely daughter as well as wonderful nieces and nephews. In case you didn't know.

  4. I'd never call anything "old" - that's why the words antique and vintage are used.
    If your stock never deteriorates, why use a date at all?
    Ever thought about using the internet for marketing?
    FYI - there is a show on Home and Garden television called the Carol Duval show which deals with crafts exclusively.

  5. Anonymous1:33 PM

    "Not previously owned"


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